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#1034: “My coworker messaged me on a dating site.”

We became close work friends, but we never talked about it and we never acknowledged the fact that we matched until we both left the organization, haha. I know that if someone else saw me on there thats what i would want them to do! I once messaged someone who works in the same building, but for a different company. It took me about a week to figure out why she looked familiar and needless to say I was extremely embarrassed.

I once had a co-worker turn against me because I accidentally went to the same Weight Watchers meeting as her. She was already known for being rude to everyone but managers well, the male ones … but she turned into the co-worker from hell after that. Then we got put on the same 2-person project.

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She systematically turned the client against me we got along fine before , and when I finally got written proof, my male manager just shrugged. It was so strange. I do seem to recall OKCupid matching me with an ex a couple of times. Team Pretend It Never Happened. I much prefer apps that let you match by zipcode. I always used my work zipcode s instead of the one where I lived. Yeah, my friend tried Hinge?

Hinge says you know him. Will post in the work and weekend open threads in further detail. I had a bunch of friends of friends pop up recently on Bumble and basically swiped left on all of them. Did you look up at him, ten feet away, with a look of shock on your face?

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  • She likes him but wonders if he swiped on her profile just to be courteous..

Or were you able to play it cool? I know a few folks whose dating apps keep trying to match them with their siblings. In this case, Bumble works on proximity more than anything else. Proximity and age parameters. I swiped no once and his profile came back around. This time I clicked to expand it and it hilariously told me that I was a connection on Facebook. Maybe you would remember the photos if you saw them again but not seeing the person sometime later.

A workmate has come up on Tinder! Is it polite to swipe yes?

I exchanged a few messages with a guy I realized worked quite close to my office. I think we both knew.

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  7. And were both a little mortified. Engineering that polite fiction that neither of us knew anything about each other was essential. The N stands for Nerd! I never even check that one because nobody responds to it. His favorite movie is books. And Leslie was so shaken that she got matched with him. It was a great episode, though. I did not respond. Ahh, I got a message from a former boss once. Did I ever report to you? And then we bumped into each other in the hall. And then the cafeteria. And it was awkward as hell and still is. I hide from him now.

    These are people I would never see otherwise, save for the occasional cafeteria bump. There actually is someone in my division who I dated before each of us arrived at the company. Not much to it. I went home and deleted the message it was OkCupid , but sat through the day in a panic. I watch them carefully for signs of how they react to seeing me. Does this app have a block function? Block his profile, THEN pretend it never happened. It was a shared cafeteria, so he might not have even worked for my company.

    A dating site matched me with someone I know. Now what? - The Boston Globe

    Note to anyone that makes dating apps, this sounds like a feature that is begging to be added: I had a coworker match with me on PoF and. And thank god he quit a few months ago. I just do not want that sort of thing at work at all ever, work is a safe space for me to be away from encounters like that. I was messaging a guy on a dating site once, and then he showed up at my office as a temp. And then he did. Those are probably the same guys who call you a bitch if you take the time to send a thanks but no thanks.

    My friend had it worse. She was forced to delete her profile because she was so embarassed. Frankly this bring a question why those kids were snooping around Tinder in the first place. I ran into a coworker on a swipe app, thankfully I swiped left. I saw a pretty senior person on Scruff once and you can see who views your profile, so I know he looked at mine, too. See you at work, Work Person! Whether I ignored or said something depended a lot on context and the vulnerability of what was on display in their ad. Then we got assigned to co-teach a class.

    Good luck out there! Blocks are not mean. Blocks are often necessary to make a social site usable. America needs about ,, uncomfortable training sessions led by HR right now. Aside from the stuff the Cap mentions, people have pretty different ideas of how to use dating sites and even just how to date and that can make for a lot of weirdness if people with different outlooks encounter each other.

    Before I was an old married and in the early s wild and wooly online dating world, I viewed online meets as a more elegant equivalent of an initial meet in a bar or park. Sometimes you meet people who are only looking for casual encounters, ones who are or are not open to meeting new friends, ones only on the marriage track, etc and so on. Which is a long winded way of saying maybe this work person thinks absolutely nothing about using this as yet another twitter for casual chit-chat. Even just calling it socially awkward is predicated on identical views about encountering people you already know in real life and workplace dating.

    Sounds like testing the waters to me. Hopefully co-worker is not messaging LW on the company dime! Captain gives great advice, as always. It was never even mentioned between us afterwards.

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    Go forth an block fearlessly and without guilt. I was on dating sites.

    I would think nothing of blocking a coworker if one came my way. My private life and my work life are two very different arenas and the two shall hopefully never meet. Funny meeting you here! See you at work! I like to keep the worklife and the private life separate, you know?

    And that was the truth — my personal rule not to date coworkers. I had a prof who dinged for font choices, but that was because he spent like 20 minutes explaining serifed fonts with examples, and the told us we had to use a serifed font. He made the rules very very very clear. Angel, I get it if he made the rules and expectations extremely clear. IME, grades do not indicate true intelligence, or even true expertise in the subject matter for that class.

    Grades indicate how good you are at pleasing that teacher. I feel bad for the poor profs who had to grade my exam blue books. In other words…they would not have card about the font! My ideal coworkers-on-dating-sites is: So, my realistic coworkers-on-dating-sites expectation is: Good luck, see you at work!

    Advice. Staircase Wit. Faux Pas. Movies.

    If they continue to message, I get to block them without feeling bad about it. I could do this at any time, of course, but I personally need some kind of guideline for when to not feel bad about it, or I would always feel bad about it; this is one of my guidelines. If they continue to mention it in real life, or if they bring it up at work ever in any context: Please stop talking about my dating life.